Below you can read testimonies from women that have seen God change their lives during their time at Hearts of Change.

From “Monica”

“Before I came to know God, I was a complete mess. My life was unmanageable. I was an addict wanting so desperately to get sober once and for all. I had tried so many times just to find myself back, actively using. I was hopeless that I would ever find the road to stay sober. I carried an empty feeling inside that I tried filling, but always failed. I wanted to give up on life and had tried to end it, to end all of the pain. This all changed when I allowed God into my life and started to follow the Word of God.
I kept trying secular methods and my last one I found myself thinking there had to be a better way than what I kept trying over and over. It was there that I witnessed people transform by bringing religion into their lives. They were so full of passion and fire, I wanted and longed for what they had. I learned about a house I could live at, be sober and learn the way of God. I found myself continuously thinking about this place: Hearts of Change that’s affiliated with New Hope Bible Church. I finally decided that there was someone greater than myself guiding me, and I decided to follow the guidance.
I have noticed a complete change in myself since I started to follow the Word of God. I no longer felt hopeless not had that empty feeling that I carried for so long. I was truly happy! I felt whole and complete for the first time! My life felt like it had a purpose, that I could succeed in my journey of sobriety. I’m no longer consumed with fear and worry. I am walking with God and it is amazing! I was saved and I realized that on June 30th, 2017. I am so grateful and thankful for having someone help me learn God’s Word, and to everyone that inspired me, myself included for allowing myself to be willing and open-minded to fully accept God into my life. I am truly blessed. I hope I am able to inspire others to accept God into their life so they can walk him like I do.”
From “Andrea”
“I was born and raised in Irasburg, VT. I had a great childhood. My brother, sister and I had everything we could have wanted. My parents were and still are very happily married. We grew up going to Sunday school and church every Sunday. I had a basic understanding of the gospel. I believed in God and what He did for me, but I had no relationship at all with Him.
After high school I went on to get a cosmetology license and shortly after found out I was expecting my first child. I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in 2001. In December of 2002, my life changed completely when my best friend and I left the bar and got into a fatal car accident that took her life. She had a 2 ½ year old daughter left without a mother. I was filled with more emotion than I could begin to handle and turned to drugs and alcohol – looking for any kind of relief or escape I could get from the pain. I was charged with DWI death resulting and was sentenced to 15 years in the department of corrections. Over the next sixteen years my life completely spiraled out of control. I became a completely out of control drug addict who was in and out of jail several times for violations of furlough. I was looking for comfort, escape, acceptance, love, and forgiveness at the bottom of every bag or bottle I could find but just kept getting further from everything I was looking for.

In December of 2018 I found myself back in jail. I had three beautiful children at home and my life was a bigger disaster than ever! Until one day I received a letter from my oldest daughter. She was 17 years old at the time and had been attending church with her boyfriend and his family. In that letter she told me she had gotten saved in 2017 and hadn’t missed a Sunday at church since. She told me I wasn’t a bad person; I was a sick person and I needed to ask God to help me! This brought me to tears! I was so proud of her and the loving forgiveness, strength, and compassion she was showing me. That letter kept me up at night – it was all I could think about. I had heard about Hearts of Change and all of the sudden I just knew in my heart that I was going to do whatever it took to get there. A couple months later I was released from jail to Valley Vista and shortly after that I arrived at Julie’s. It was a Sunday night. On Tuesday I attended my first Bible study at the church and immediately knew I was finally, exactly where I was supposed to be! I had been at Hearts of Change for less than two weeks when Julie and I were in Island Pond in front of Community National Bank. Julie prayed with me and I accepted the Lord as my savior that day. It is a day that I will never forget. Julie McKay lead me to the Lord, New Hope Bible Church has given me an amazing church family, and the Lord has filled my life with everything I spent all those years searching for. Now, I have been given the most beautiful opportunity of all – to raise my children to know the Lord and to be surrounded by people that will love and support them through the Word of God.”