Below you can read testimonies from women that have seen God change their lives during their time at Hearts of Change.

From “Monica”

“Before I came to know God, I was a complete mess. My life was unmanageable. I was an addict wanting so desperately to get sober once and for all. I had tried so many times just to find myself back, actively using. I was hopeless that I would ever find the road to stay sober. I carried an empty feeling inside that I tried filling, but always failed. I wanted to give up on life and had tried to end it, to end all of the pain. This all changed when I allowed God into my life and started to follow the Word of God.
I kept trying secular methods and my last one I found myself thinking there had to be a better way than what I kept trying over and over. It was there that I witnessed people transform by bringing religion into their lives. They were so full of passion and fire, I wanted and longed for what they had. I learned about a house I could live at, be sober and learn the way of God. I found myself continuously thinking about this place: Hearts of Change that’s affiliated with New Hope Bible Church. I finally decided that there was someone greater than myself guiding me, and I decided to follow the guidance. 
I have noticed a complete change in myself since I started to follow the Word of God. I no longer felt hopeless not had that empty feeling that I carried for so long. I was truly happy! I felt whole and complete for the first time! My life felt like it had a purpose, that I could succeed in my journey of sobriety. I’m no longer consumed with fear and worry. I am walking with God and it is amazing! I was saved and I realized that on June 30th, 2017. I am so grateful and thankful for having someone help me learn God’s Word, and to everyone that inspired me, myself included for allowing myself to be willing and open-minded to fully accept God into my life. I am truly blessed. I hope I am able to inspire others to accept God into their life so they can walk him like I do.”